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Discover all the products that we offer for your establishment and choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your customers. All products are packaged to preserve their properties to the maximum.

Natural Coffee
Authentic pleasure for the senses, this coffee is characterized by its light body and exceptional flavor. Enjoy an authentic cup of coffee with a great aroma. It is distributed in a 1Kilo container. There are places in the Far East, where coffee drinks are made using lightly roasted leaves, whose caffeine content is usually higher than that of the seed itself. In this way you get a much cheaper type of coffee
Extra Coffee Cafeteria
Selection from various origins, this coffee combines the best of each harvest. With an intense flavor and a light palate, it thus maintains all its character and stands out as the favorite among our clients. Chocolate mug and great aroma. It is distributed in a 1Kilo container. Coffee as a natural product can help prevent some diseases and help keep memory in shape and increase physical and mental performance.
Decaffeinated grain
This decaf is surprising for its body and character. Thanks to our caffeine extraction process, this great decaffeination preserves the best aroma and flavor intact. It is distributed in a 1kilo container. It is distributed in a 1Kilo container.
Natural Gourmet
The ultimate expression of coffee, Natural Gourmet will surprise those looking for something more in a cup of coffee. As a result of the selection of various quality origins, Natural Gourmet stands out for its soft bouquet, moderate acidity, delicate aroma and flavor. It is distributed in a 1Kilo container.
Decaffeinated Soluble
Decaffeinated in sachet, soluble. It is distributed in a package with 100 sachets or single doses. There are mainly three methods to extract caffeine. Through water, methylene chloride or with carbon dioxide. Decaffeinated coffee beans contain between 0.1% and 0.3% caffeine.
Sugar (1500 units)
Refined white sugar. It is distributed in boxes of 1500 units / envelopes of 8 Grams each.
Sugar (500 units)
Refined white sugar. It is distributed in boxes of 500 units / envelopes of: - 8 Grams each - 7 Grams each.
Tea Infusions
100 sachets of tea. It is distributed in a box with 100 individual bags.
Tila Infusions
100 linden sachets. It is distributed in a box with 100 individual sachets. Ideal for treating neurotic problems, linden is capable of increasing sweating, defending the organism against infections, and is also recommended as a remedy against urinary tract stones and inflammation of the kidneys.
Chamomile Infusions
100 sachets of chamomile It is distributed in a box with 100 individual envelopes of 1.5 gr. In addition to its properties rAlready known elajants, chamomile has remarkable digestive properties. People with menstrual pain and muscle spasms can seek help in chamomile.
Pennyroyal Infusions
100 envelopes of Poleo-Mint. It is distributed in a box with 100 individual sachets. Very beneficial for the digestive and respiratory system in general or even as a natural repellent against lice, fleas, flies and mosquitoes. However, excessive consumption of pennyroyal may be contraindicated due to its toxicity.
Decaffeinated Moreno Expresso (From machine)
Our machine decaffeination will satisfy the most demanding palate. It is distributed in a package containing 60 doses that are applied directly to the coffee pot. It is distributed in a 125 gr can.
Low calorie sweetener. Recommended for those who want to lose or maintain their weight or for diabetes. It is distributed in a basket with a content of 300 individual envelopes of 1gr each.
Caffe Nescafé
Nescafé Classic brand soluble decaf that is also distributed by Cafesexpress. Contains 100 individual envelopes.
Chocolate Reybar
Chocolate to the Reybar cup. It is distributed packaged with a content of 40 envelopes. Recent studies maintain that chocolate is a good antioxidant, capable of preventing free radicals on the body. These antioxidants are suitable for preventing the degeneration of the body's cells, which is responsible for the appearance of numerous diseases.
Chocolate Bars for Coffee
Chocolate bars as an ideal complement to coffee. Helps counteract the natural bitterness of coffee while distinguishing the cup of coffee. It is distributed in boxes of 500 dark chocolate bars. The latest research has discovered more than 30 antioxidant components in chocolate.
Collection 13 tea cans
OFFER! Take the complete series consisting of thirteen tea cans each decorated with an exclusive design. Black tea, green tea, red tea for tea lovers and lovers of good taste and detail.
Colacao Original soluble chocolate powder, the one of a lifetime. Contains 50 individual envelopes of 18gr each.

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